I oughta slug you...
sarsaparillakisses reading bad yaoi (via ghoulsometwosome)
25 maybe? if you want to ofc <3


//Another favorite style! OLD WESTERN ROMANCE COMIC STYLE! thesnarkywanderer

~ (Drunken) Friday ~



As every friday, Drunken friday will happen, tonight, at 19:00 CET (Central European Time).

As the allmighty Drunken Friday Czar, I hereby invite all of you to join our little friend group in this wonderful evening of fooling around, talking, gaming, and possibly even reading terrible fanfiction.


  • Anyone can join! - Even if we haven’t spoken yet, if you are new and just want to make friends! Speaking is not mandatory, you can just listen in if you want to!
  • Alcohol is optional! - You don’t drink? That’s okay, grab a soda, or eat a donut, it’s all good! We don’t judge people who don’t do alcohol, all we ask is you do the same to those who do.
  • Respect the people in the group! - A little respect goes a long way. You don’t have to agree with everything, voicing it is okay, as long as you are polite and respectful. If you are talking with someone else in the meantime, or playing a game, that’s okay, as long as you don’t disrupt the conversation going on. (Hotkey mute is really useful for these occasions.)
  • Again respect! - Bear in mind we are a very versatile group of people, from different cultures, ages, and situations. It’s okay to ask, instead of jumping to conclusions. I can personally say everyone in the group is very nice and friendly, as long as you do the same!
  • Be prepared for anything! - Our conversations range from fart jokes to serious social issues, never hesitate to jump in if you have something to say!

If you would like to join the event, and/or this nice little community we’re building, don’t hesitate to  let me know, and I shall add you!

//Soledad in dresses would be hilarious because she would try and maintain good posture for like a minute but then give up and sit all slouchy with her legs open while shotgunning a beer.

// There’s still two drawing memes I need to do. I’ll get to them.

4 in the drafts here.

Jacob is open for threads and plots or whatever.

//Oh god, all the Love And Rockets blogs are reblogging that influence thing.  Nooo stop.

@#[This explains a lot]#@

"Full-on Monet."

//The only real expression claim for Soledad you ever need to know.

//The only real expression claim for Soledad you ever need to know.

abe’s the best